10 Free Tracks from the Stussy Make Beats Contest

Ive spent a bit of time going through the soundcloud page for the contest and picked out 10 of the free download tracks for your listening pleasure. The tracks cover hip hop, electronica, ambient, glitch, house, experimental and bass music! i only got through the first 50 pages of the 172 so make sure you check out the group for yourself… enjoy


"Why? Cuz I Promise" produced by Felix Beats by Felix:Beats

Dance with the Queen by Mike Ro Wave Dr. Zulu (Featuring Jack Healy) by Justin Jay

Electronic Chronic by Khanyemid

Head Explosive by NüTrik

JLYMN - As Of Yet by JLYMN

Juanito - WaveCakeWakeBake Love by JuanitoJuan

A Storm And A Cup Of Coffee by Gruvee Musijian

Trump Prod. by Ku4tro by 4D_Ent.

andussy by boywolf by stevenader